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Software Buyers

  • Discover the Right Cloud Apps for Your Business
  • Great App Pricing Plans & Special Offers
  • Consult with our network of premier SaaS Experts

Discover the Right Software for Your Business

Faster & More Efficiently

If you’ve ever searched online to find a specific type of business software for your specific business, you know how challenging and time consuming it is to identify those solutions amidst all of the search results and noise.

SaaSMAX aggregates and organizes the Cloud Business Software landscape and provides WiseSaaS® Search functionality to help you narrow down your options, quickly and efficiently! You can search by categories including type, vertical market, ecosystem, hosting provider and more.

If you can’t find what you need on SaaSMAX, just contact us directly and we’ll help you identify additional options free of charge!

Great App Pricing Plans, Special Offers & More

The SaaSMAX Marketplace contains more detailed and technical information about each listed SaaS App than most SaaS Vendors publish on their own websites.

  • View pricing plans
  • Access SaaSMAX “Members-Only” special offers
  • Receive notifications about live webinars with SaaS Vendors & Experts
  • Receive notifications about new Apps listing in the SaaSMAX Marketplace
  • Link directly to demos & webinars
  • Check out reviews & their latest social media entries
  • Easily compare SaaS solutions
  • Find Experts

“Find an Expert” for Each App You’re Interested In

Since Resellers are coming to SaaSMAX all the time, SaaSMAX will help you connect with them for any of the Apps you’re interested in. When your select “Find an Expert” on an App Listing, you’ll typically be referred to a Solution Provider who is well-acquainted with and is already a Reseller of that App.

Stay Ahead of the Curve – Gain Access to New Business SaaS Solutions

SaaSMAX is a dynamically growing Marketplace that oftentimes lists a new business software solutions before the general public learns about them. Whether they bring new solutions to security, IT, marketing, sales, web analytics, ERP, business intelligence or some other area, you are bound to learn about some new SaaS App each time you come to SaaSMAX.

What is Business Software “in the Cloud”?

Today most of the best and most advanced software solutions are hosted in the cloud, meaning that you do not need to “download ” or “install” anything onto your devices and that you can access them on any device with an internet browser. The buzzword for this new age of software is “Software as a Service”, abbreviated to “SaaS”.

Did you know that more than 75% of people are using at least one SaaS solution today, but don’t necessarily know it? Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pandora, Office 365,QuickBooks Online, Salesforce.com are all SaaS applications.

Why SaaS?

If you’re here, you probably already know this, but for newbies we’re happy to explain it.

There are many great benefits to using SaaS solutions instead of traditional software.

  • Ready-to-go. Sign up and start using them.
  • Available on-demand, from any device with internet connectivity.
  • Limited (or no) technical requirements to install and get started.
  • Pay as you go. Most SaaS solutions offer monthly licensing options that are much lower than what traditional software will charge.
  • Product upgrades are oftentimes automatic and seamless.
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SaaSMAX - The Place Resellers Trust

Resellers & Solution Providers are very selective about the software they resell and the vendors they partner with. Apps listed in the SaaSMAX Marketplace are typically established and solid enough to earn the respect of and partner with Resellers.

Become a WiseSaaS Reseller Yourself!

If you find one App or several that you would like to refer or resell to other businesses – just contact us to upgrade your account to become a SaaSMAX Reseller. Click here to learn more about the benefits of being a SaaSMAX Reseller.

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