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PartnerOptimizer Case Studies

Partner Discovery, Partner Segmentation & Total Partner Market Size for a B2B Cybersecurity Company


Problem: The North American channel chief of a Fortune 1000 Company with a strong B2B cybersecurity products division needed to (a) identify new partner prospects who are Managed Security Solution Providers (“MSSPs”); (b) identify which of their existing partners are MSSPs, and (c ) understand approximately how many MSSPs exist in the United States.

Solution:  One of the obstacles to answering all of these questions was/is that the term “Managed Security Solution Provider” is an industry term that is not reliably used by cybersecurity experts to describe their companies to their customers and prospects. To solve this issue, the PartnerOptimizer team honed in on the many different characteristics and key words and phrases that in aggregate would identify a company that provides the services and solutions that a typical MSSP offers. SaaSMAX was able to leverage PartnerOptimizer to provide this client with the answer to all three of its questions and enable them to embark upon a more cohesive, targeted channel recruitment initiative.   If you’re interested to know what the size of the MSSP market is, Contact Us.

Partner Segmentation for a B2B Cybersecurity Company


Problem: A Fortune 5000 B2B Cybersecurity Company with thousands of reseller channel partners, many of which sold to government agencies, wanted to launch a new marketing and activation campaign targeting partners who only focus on private small and medium businesses. They needed to know quickly which of their existing US Channel Resellers sell to SMB and SME private companies and do not primarily sell to government agencies.

Solution:  SaaSMAX leveraged PartnerOptimizer to profile each of the company’s reseller partners, specifically identifying the types and sizes of their customers.  The resulting deliverable was a segmented list of those reseller partners that focus only on private, non-government organizations, a list of those partners who only focus on government organizations, and a list of those partners who do business with both private and government organizations.


Supervised Learning-based Partner Discovery for a Growth Stage IoT SaaS Company

Problem: The channel chief for an established IoT company that is launching its channel partner program needed to rapidly identify a well-qualified set of managed services providers (MSPs) to fill their channel partner funnel with targeted prospects.

Solution: Since their product and product category are new the IT Channel, it was necessary to conduct an iterative process with their channel team, whereby we leveraged multiple IPC Algorithms to search for several different segments of Partner Prospects. Once these were agreed upon SaaSMAX ran these IPC Algorithms through PartnerOptimizer to find MSPs who have the right characteristics to be considered qualified Partner Prospects. Their channel team has been driving marketing campaigns to test which groups of Partner Prospects best respond to their marketing efforts and have the highest likelihood of success with this product.

Partner Discovery for a Business Intelligence Division of a Fortune 100 Company

Problem: The partner team of this division was charged with discovering and recruiting business intelligence, data analytics and data governance solution providers and consulting firms, primarily in North America and Europe. There was no one industry organization or conference or association that could help them to hone in on even a subset of these types of companies. As well, while their company has thousands of channel partners, it too didn’t have enough information about its own partners to know which, if any of them, would be a great match for this division’s products and solutions. They came to SaaSMAX with the request to identify 2000 new prospective partners and/or existing channel partners who meet the necessary criteria.

Solution: SaaSMAX identified 2000 prospective partners for this client, ranked from most likely to least likely based upon various characteristics that our client expressed to be most important and relevant to being positioned and qualified to resell and consume its products. SaaSMAX also pointed out the existing partners within the client’s own partner network who were likely to be a good match and should be activated. SaaSMAX conducted extensive research on the business intelligence, data analytics and data governance industries in order to optimize its PartnerOptimizer engine to identify and pinpoint these types of solution providers and consultants, and was also able to provide the client with an assessment of the total number of partners within that sector.

Supervised Learning-based Partner Discovery for a Growth Stage  SaaS Company To Assess Channel Partner Interest

Problem:  This SaaS company wanted to determine the interest of prospective reseller partners in its platform,  To do so, it engaged SaaSMAX to identify a batch of 50 companies that would qualify as ideal partner prospects to invite into a focus group.

Solution:  SaaSMAX developed an Ideal Partner Characteristics Algorithm based upon the client’s description of its SaaS platform, the industries it is optimized for and the customer sizes and types that it is best suited for.  As SaaSMAX deployed PartnerOptimizer, we honed in deeper on reseller companies who met the above characteristics and already sell products and solutions that would be considered to be “adjacent” in value to the client’s SaaS platform.  SaaSMAX provided a set of 50 Partner Prospects that the SaaS company was able to approach to successfully conduct its research.

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