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selling the right cloud-based software & services.

  • Solidify your value as your clients' trusted advisor.
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Selling SaaS software is becoming one of the most important and profitable ways for you to be relevant and provide added value to your clients.

Selling SaaS =

 New Revenue/Customer
New Customer Acquisition
Your Competitive Advantage
New Service & Integration Revenue
New Partner Collaboration Opportunities
 Staying relevant to your client.

SaaSMAX Resellers are earning 20-40% recurring commissions
plus integration and service fees!


SaaSMAX is your SaaS “Concierge.”
Your personal Match.com for finding business cloud software.

You want to recommend and resell trusted, value-add software solutions to your clients—but you don’t have time to spend hours scouring the web or reviewing dozens of demos to find the right products to solve your clients’ problems.

SaaSMAX membership gives you the opportunity to make more sales more efficiently. When you register—free of charge—we’ll get to know about your area of expertise and growth opportunities, and then introduce you to SaaS vendors with products that would be a good fit for your customers.

“SaaSMAX takes the noise out of all the SaaS product marketing campaigns and dilutes it down, so that you can spend your time working on adding the quality products you need and less time wasting your resources on “fly by night” software.”

– Kirk Lesser, Renascence IT Consulting


“SaaSMAX introduced me to other vendors out there that I may not have known about. They give me more visibility to try to be agnostic in vendor selection. It helps on the backend so that I can have a more complete portfolio to offer my clients.”  

- Jamie Lin, CEO - Gizmo Global, Silicon Valley

Enjoy recurring income commissions.

Recurring SaaS commissions compound to provide you with very lucrative long term income streams, similar to the insurance sales model!  Selling just one or two new SaaS apps will increase your monthly income and profits right away.  Find them with SaaSMAX.

Check out the SaaSMAX Marketplace right now to see which SaaS are no-brainers to resell to your clients.

SaaSMAX is your competitive advantage

Thousands of trusted advisors like you are joining SaaSMAX to capture “WiseSaaS” business opportunities.  It’s a huge market opportunity, and it’s still early in the game.


Bundles = The way to really boost your income.

SaaSMAX is here to help you identify and bundle multiple products together, so that you can provide problem-solving integrated solutions to your clients. When you can offer more solutions to your existing customers, you increase your recurring revenue. No brainer!


SaaSMAX Reseller Badge

SaaS is rapidly replacing on-premise software.  Businesses need your help.

SaaS will soon be the dominant way software is consumed. Your strategic and technical expertise is needed more than ever as businesses make the transition to cloud services.

Your clients need everything to snap into place, securely and with best practices. They need your help selecting the right solutions, migrating data, setting things up, training and supporting them, enabling them to conduct business as usual.


SaaSMAX gives you vetted software vendors who are reseller-friendly partners.

You can count on the quality of our SaaS partners—and their products. We help them run successful reseller programs that make it easier for you to sell their products and desirable to keep selling their products. They’ll give you free training, support and even provide you with leads, so you can sell their products and enjoy margins that often times exceed 25%.


Who are SaaSMAX Resellers ?


Increase your value as your client’s trusted advisor.

When your clients have problems, you can offer new solutions to meet their needs. SaaSMAX helps you easily identify individual and bundled solutions for your clients.

And when you come across a new innovative SaaS that is a “no brainer” tool, you now have a reason to get back in front of your clients and show them that they’re top of mind. One SaaSMAX Reseller loves to describe SaaSMAX as his “bag of tricks”.

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Complete your Company Profile, so we can create the right opportunities for you.  (Your profile will not be published or advertised to the community.  It’s for the SaaSMAX Matchmaking Team to learn who to match you with.)

Schedule a One-to-One Matchmaking Call with our channel experts.

Receive 1 to 2  personalized introductions to SaaS channel managers each month or as many as you’re ready for - you decide whether to add each SaaS to your line card.  If you want more introductions, just ask - or reach out through the marketplace.

Access our Digital Marketing Campaign Platform to grab new digital tracking codes and marketing campaigns for SaaS you want to resell or refer

Attend our SnAPPshot webinars to learn about new SaaS opportunities

Join our PartnerPerspectives Webinars to learn how your peers are succeeding in SaaS

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