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Resellers !
    • Get Your Product in Front of 35,000+ Resellers & Buyers
    • Recruit "The Right" Resellers Faster
    • Implement Reseller Portal & Affiliate Tracking Tools
    • Collaborate with one of the world's most experienced Channel Teams

Become a WiseSaaS today and start accelerating your reseller program growth.

Did you know ?

80% of all software, hardware & IT services are sold through technology resellers.

But only 23% of SaaS companies are starting to leverage resellers.

char-02 So Hurry Up! Stake your claim on SaaSMAX before your competition does.


SaaSMAX proactively helps you create new sales distribution by: 

  • Getting Your Product in Front of Tens of Thousands of Resellers & Buyers
  • Introducing you to the right Resellers faster
  • Equipping you with the best practices and operational tools for your Reseller Program
  • Giving you access to some of the world's most experienced Channel experts

Resellers are your key to increased sales and reach.

SaaSMAX Resellers are your potential influencers, your salesforce, and your support team without the direct overhead expense.  You pay them on a performance basis, in the form of commissions or wholesale margins.

Resellers already have established relationships with millions of businesses who trust their opinion.  Whereas your direct sales team can’t get people to answer or return their calls, Resellers have direct access to their clients and phone calls get returned.

Who’s a typical SaaSMAX Reseller?  SaaSMAX Resellers are businesses that provide advisory and consulting services small, medium and enterprise companies. Their specializations range from IT and technology to line of business.  Most Resellers do not call themselves or think of themselves as “Resellers”. They are likely to call themselves MSPs, VARs, Agents, System Integrators, Google Apps Resellers, Salesforce Integrators, and/or consultants in Marketing, CRM, SEO, Finance, Accounting, HR, etc.  While some SaaSMAX Resellers might be digital marketers and bloggers, most are not.  In fact, most are focused primarily on ensuring that their clients’ daily operations are running efficiently and profitably.


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5 Reasons to consider working with SaaSMAX (to build your reseller program.)

Build your partner program with tried-and-true best practices.

You’ll get pick-up-the-phone access to our experienced team, which includes experts who’ve helped build more than 500 reseller programs for some of the most well-known technology companies in the world (including Microsoft, Apple, Intel, HP, Netscape, plus more).  Click here to learn about the services we provide under SaaSMAX Consulting Group.

Recruit “the right” SaaS Resellers who have clients who need your product.

Our database of over 35,000 SaaS Resellers, our alliances and our matchmaking processes help you partner with Resellers who are the right fit for your product.

Successfully engage your resellers.

SaaSMAX tools make it easy for you to provide Resellers with leads, pay Resellers’ commissions, run your promotions and more.

Generate additional leads, demand & revenue – from resellers and buyers.

SaaSMAX helps you get the word out with with email campaigns, blog posts of the SaaSMAX blog, banners ads and SaaSMAX online communications.

Save money and time in set up.

SaaSMAX costs much less than if you created or purchased every service and platform on your own. And we save you months of time, so you don’t have to create tools from scratch.  You can be set up with a great reseller program in a matter of hours!

SaaSMAX is your instant “Channel-in-a-Box.”

It’s everything you need to build a successful program, incorporating industry best practices compiled from our many years in of channel experience and expertise. Whether you need to build a channel or refine your existing one, pay for only the services you need.


WiseSaaS Plans

Leverage a SaaSMAX WiseSaaS Plan for your reseller partner marketing and recruitment. As our most popular service, the WiseSaaS Plan gives you monthly introductions to SaaSMAX Resellers, eblasts to the SaaSMAX Reseller community, hosts and promotes your SnAPPshot Reseller Webinar, promotes your monthly news and extends your social media out into the SaaSMAX community, gets you deals to exhibit at IT conferences and published in the IT Channel media, and more.


Work with one of the most experienced channel teams to either build your channel from scratch using our best practices, or perfect your existing channel. No fluff, all stuff- we get your channel team and reseller program up to speed faster than anyone!

Pay Per Performance Platform

Marketing and commission administration made easy: for your entire reseller referral program or just user with SaaSMAX Resellers.

WordPress Reseller Partner Portal

Save money and months of lead time by using our WordPress reseller portal template. It’s custom built for reseller programs and can be launched in a matter of hours!


Reseller Recruitment & Management

Save overhead, training and time by letting SaaSMAX do the recruiting, onboarding, activation and engagement building for you. This is a premium service but if you don’t have the in-house infrastructure or expertise to support a reseller program, we can work it for you.

How to work with SaaSMAX.

No matter what phase of the game you’re in, SaaSMAX can help you work build and perfect a reseller channel.   See our recommendations for you below.  


One of our SaaS vendor partners recently experienced a 47% increased deal referral rate from its existing partner base during a quarter, just by deploying our recommended methods!

What Does It Cost?

See below for our standard and customizable WiseSaaS Plans.
And contact us directly to learn about:
  • Our recruitment and partner management programs.
  • Our Micro-Consulting engagements. Learn More >>
  • The World Class Reseller Portal. Learn More >>
  • Our Pay Per Performance Platform and the new White Label SaaS Web Stores that we are rolling out to SaaSMAX Resellers.

WiseSaaS Plan: Jumpstart Reseller Partner Recruitment & Accelerate Sales.

How it works.

1. Sign up online.  Its quick and easy.

2. Let’s get personal.
a. Meet your SaaSMAX Account Manager. It’s the beginning of a warm, productive relationship.
b. Receive and start to follow on-boarding instructions.

3. Complete your profiles.
a. Complete your App Profile & Reseller Program descriptions. This is how potential  Resellers will find out about your product.
b. While you’re at it, you can also complete your blog & social media templates. You’ll also review/edit copy for your eBlast to the SaaSMAX community.

4. Meet our Matchmaking Teaml
You’ll meet one-on-one with our Matchmaking Team who will get to know you and your product better so they can match you with Resellers who would be an especially good fit.

5. Schedule your SnAPPshot webinar.
We’ll provide you with a best practices powerpoint template to create your SnAPPshot webinar. We’ll promote it through dedicated eblasts to all relevant resellers in the SaaSMAX community, as well as through our social media.  We co-host with you, record it, and provide you with your own copy of the recorded webinar, as well as the list of relevant registrants.

6. Highlight your thought leadership & news.
Regularly submit your industry blogs & news. While we will send you a monthly reminder to submit your news, it is your responsibility to stay active and keep your SaaSMAX profile up to date.

7. Tweet and Retweet.  SaaSMAX will help amplify your message via social media by following and sharing your tweets. .

8. Collaborate with our experienced channel team.
A la carte/custom campaigns and consulting available

9. Harness the power of affiliate campaigns.
Set Up Your Affiliate Campaigns in SaaSMAX Network Platform

10. Make it in person.
We highly recommend that you also participate in conference showcases with us to leverage in person contact.

Three flexible monthly subscription WiseSaaS plans:

As your business grows, you can sign up for a higher level of service.

Now is the time to get started.

You are leaving thousands of dollars of revenue on the table by not leveraging resellers. Jump ahead of your competitors and build your niche in the growing SaaS marketplace.