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B2B SaaS & Cloud Vendors

We're the Value-Add Matchmaker

for Cloud Software & Bundles

SaaSMAX is Named a 2017 Gartner Cool Vendor

Resellers & Referral Partners are your key to increased sales, retention and customer reach.

You know how hard it is for your direct sales team to get prospects to answer or return their calls or emails? Well, Resellers typically have direct access to or are the decision makers for their customers. Their customers trust and seek their recommendations, pick up their calls, return their calls and respond to emails.
Resellers take the time to really understand their clients’ needs and ensure that your SaaS is the right fit, or the right piece of a larger solution, for their client. So those users are typically better trained, better adopters, and less likely to churn out.
And of course, Resellers become your third-party influencers, your product evangelists, and your product marketing advisors.  They give you honest feedback, and they become aligned with your success.
However, recruiting Reseller Partners can be costly, labor-intensive, time consuming. As well, it requires expertise and insight.

SaaSMAX provides the value-add expertise, relationships, proprietary tools and distribution processes to accelerate your channel partner sales.

The Smartest Go-To-Channel Solution for B2B SaaS & Cloud Software

  • Reseller Program Readiness & Best Practices  Free assessment & templates for reseller program best practices; micro consulting, customizable reseller portal, SaaS channel manager courses,
  • Matchmaking  Recruit “the right” SaaS Resellers and/or Referral Partners, who have the clients that need your product.
  • Channel Marketing  Strengthen Reseller awareness, engagement & enablement through SaaSMAX’s digital, social and live campaigns.
  • Commerce & Transactions  Coming soon: Let us deal with the multi-tier quote-to-cash billing, commission tracking, multi-tier referral/affiliate tracking & other pay per performance details for you.
  • Crossing The SaaSm Education  Participate in our free educational programs.

Who’s a Typical SaaSMAX Reseller?

SaaSMAX Resellers are your potential influencers, your salesforce, and your support team without the direct overhead expense. You pay them on a performance basis, in the form of commissions or wholesale margins.

SaaSMAX Resellers are businesses that provide advisory and consulting services small, medium and enterprise companies. Their specializations range from IT and technology to line of business.

Most Resellers do not call themselves or think of themselves as “Resellers”. They are likely to call themselves MSPs, VARs, Agents, System Integrators, Google Apps Resellers, Salesforce Integrators, and/or consultants in Marketing, CRM, SEO, Finance, Accounting, HR, etc. SaaSMAX Resellers are mostly focused on ensuring that their clients’ daily operations are running efficiently and profitably.

SaaSMAX Programs

Affordable & Fast to Set Up

Building a Reseller Channel through SaaSMAX costs much less than if you created or purchased every service and platform on your own. And we save you months of time, so you don’t have to create tools from scratch. You can be set up with a great reseller program in a matter of hours!

No matter what phase of the game you’re in, SaaSMAX can help you work build and perfect a reseller channel. Scroll further down this page to learn more about each of these programs.

One recent SaaSMAX SaaS Vendor recently experienced a 47% increased deal referral rate from its existing partner base during a quarter, just by deploying our recommended methods.

SaaSMAX Programs for Vendors

WiseSaaS Professional


  • 5 Pro-Active Custom Reseller Matches per Month
  • 1 SnAPPshot Webinar (hosted/marketed by SaaSMAX)
  • 1 Dedicated Email Blast to The Channel Every 6 Months

WiseSaaS Enterprise


  • 10 Pro-Active Custom Reseller Matches per Month
  • 1 SnAPPshot Webinar (hosted/marketed by SaaSMAX)
  • 2 Dedicated Email Blasts to The Channel Every 6 Months

WiseSaaS Enterprise Custom Plan


  • 25 Pro-Active Custom Reseller Matches per Month
  • 1 SnAPPshot Webinar (hosted/marketed by SaaSMAX)
  • 2 Dedicated Email Blasts to The Channel Every 6 Months

A La Carte Value-Adds

  • Additional Matches Per Month – Quantity Pricing
  • SnAPPShot Webinar ($4000)
  • Email Blasts ($1800) 30k+ Circulation
  • Product Listings with only one commission tier
  • Banner ads on SaaSMAX
  • Banner ads on specific SaaSMAX Reseller Web Stores
  • Conference Booth Showcases – vary per conference
  • Micro-Consulting: starting at $2500/mth
  • Word Press Portal: Free with Micro Consulting.  Inquire.
  • Outsourced Partner Recruitment Team: Inquire.
  • PartnerOptimizer Reseller Leads: Inquire.

Pay Per Performance

Whether you are selling through SaaSMAX& our Reseller Partners using a wholesale margin model, a retail margin model, a white label model or a digital referral (affiliate model), SaaSMAX can accommodate your Reseller Program. For more information, speak with your SaaSMAX Sales Representative or Success Manager, or click here.

SaaSMAX Program Details

Reseller Program Readiness & Best Practices

  • We’ll give you a free one-hour phone assessment of your partner program and provide recommendations.
  • We’ve got a roll-up-your-sleeves micro consulting program to build or refresh your program quickly.
  • We’ll give you dozens of tried-and-true reseller program templates to leverage and customize.
  • We’ll license to you a world-class Customizable Reseller Portal (free with Micro Consulting!).
  • We’ll help you optimize your product profile on SaaSMAX.com
  • You’ll get pick-up-the-phone access to our experienced Team, which includes experts who’ve helped build more than 500 reseller programs for some of the most well-known technology companies in the world.
  • We even offer an online, do-it-yourself SaaS Channel Manager Course & Certification.


Recruit “the right” SaaS Resellers and/or Referral Partners, who have the clients that need your product.

  • We help you articulate what your “Ideal Partner” looks like. And then we help identify those Ideal Partner prospects and make personalized introductions. Complete this IPC Form at your convenience.
  • We leverage our SaaSMAX Reseller community, our seasoned database of over 30,000 potential Resellers, our strategic alliances and our matchmaking processes.
  • AND with PartnerOptimizer, our proprietary business intelligence tools and database of more than 95,000 partner prospects throughout the world, we find and target even more of “the right” partners for your SaaS, whether they are already members of SaaSMAX or not.

Channel Marketing

Strengthen partner awareness, engagement & enablement through SaaSMAX’s digital, social and live campaigns

  • SaaSMAX helps you get the word out with email campaigns, hosting your SnAPPshot webinars, blog posts on www.WiseSaaS.com, social media exposure to our thousands of followers, banners ads and SaaSMAX online communications.
  • SaaSMAX tools make it easy for you to provide current and prospective Resellers with leads, communications about your latest news, trainings and incentives, promotions and more.
  • SaaSMAX sub-marketplaces and SaaSMAX Reseller SaaS Webstores (coming soon!) will further expand your digital footprint.
  • Showcase in the SaaSMAX booths at channel partner conferences and/or SaaSMAX’s own events. For upcoming Conference Showcase Opportunities click here.

Commerce & Transaction Management

Let us deal with the multi-tier quote-to-cash billing, commission tracking, multi-tier referral/affiliate tracking & other pay per performance details for you.

  • When you increase your engagement with SaaSMAX, we will facilitate two-tier quote-to-cash billing, self-care transactions, two-tier referral (affiliate) tracking, reporting, commission reconciliations and more.
  • Our Commerce Platform ensures that nearly every type of Pricing Plan can be accommodated through SaaSMAX Marketplace and SaaSMAX Reseller’s SaaS Web Stores.
  • Our Pay Per Performance model ensures that nearly every type of Reseller Program can be accommodated.

Crossing The SaaSm Education

Participate in our free educational programs.

Some great webinars to get you started:

Getting Started With SaaSMAX

  • Register through your SaaSMAX Sales Executive or Online.
  • We’ll schedule your free one hour Reseller Program Assessment.
  • Onboarding. We’ll send you onboarding instruction, and we’ll schedule a call to introduce you to your SaaSMAXSuccess Manager and other members of the SaaSMAX Team. It’s the beginning of a warm, productive relationship.
  • Complete your product profile(s) for the SaaSMAX Marketplace. A simple, do-it-yourself process, you build and publish your App Profile & Reseller Program descriptions.  While you’re at it, complete your blog & social media templates. You’ll also review/edit copy for your eBlast to the SaaSMAX community.
  • Meet our Matchmaking Team. You’ll meet one-on-one with our Matchmaking Team, who will get to know your product and reseller programs better, so they can match you with Resellers who would be an especially good fit.  The sooner this happens, the sooner we can start to match you.  Scheduling of matches depends on the SaaSMAX Program you’re signed up for.
  • Schedule your SnAPPshot webinar.If included in your program, we’ll provide you with a best practices powerpoint template to create your SnAPPshot webinar. We’ll promote it through dedicated eblasts to all relevant resellers in the SaaSMAX community, as well as through our social media. We co-host with you, record it, and provide you with your own copy of the recorded webinar, as well as the list of relevant registrants.
  • Regularly submit your thought leadership & news.Regularly submit your industry blogs & news. While we will send you a monthly reminder to submit your news, it is your responsibility to stay active and keep your SaaSMAX profile up to date.
  • Tweet and Retweet.SaaSMAX will help amplify your message via social media by following and sharing your tweets.
  • Collaborate with our experienced channel team.A la carte/custom campaigns and consulting available.
  • Take advantage of our Conference Showcasing Opportunities. We have limited space available in our booths, so first come first serve.   We strongly recommend that you leverage these live conferences to show your Channel that you’re committed to your Resellers and want to meet them.

SaaSMAX named as

one of Gartner’s 2017 “Cool Vendors” in SaaS with Innovative Business Models

Know More

Now is the time to get started.

You are leaving thousands of dollars of revenue on the table by not leveraging Resellers Partners. Jump ahead of your competitors and build your niche in the growing SaaS Channel. The timing is perfect.

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